Buccaneer Bay Scuba
is proud to offer PADI ( Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certifications. PADI is the worldwide leader in diver
training, certifying 7 of every 10 divers certified in the U.S. The PADI system consist of unsurpassed educational materials
whether via the Internet or in a traditional classroom setting, linked with local input from your instructor to deliver superior
SCUBA training. Buccaneer Bay Scuba is carrying on a tradition of safe, high quality scuba training that stretches back over 30
years. After acquiring this business  from Chief Hunter, we have endeavored to continue the practices that have made us one
of the finest training organization anywhere. Many of the divers in this area can trace their training back to Hunters Dive
Supply, were are training staff cut their teeth, learning over the last 20 years the fundamentals of SCUBA instruction . Learn to
dive with the most experienced  SCUBA Crew in North Mississippi were safety has always been first. Put our experience
teaching recreational SCUBA diving to work for you! Find out why PADI is "The Way the World Learns to Dive"
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Open Water Diver
This is PADI'S entry level SCUBA certification. Learn the fundamentals of SCUBA
with both knowledge development (classroom sessions) and confined water work
(pool sessions) while developing the safe skills and proper habits that will allow you
to experience many years of SCUBA fun. We furnish all the gear necessary,
including wet suits, for both the pool and open water portions of the class. Train
with us and receive an in store discount you can use to purchase your own gear!

Classes starting regularly with private lessons offered.
Advanced Open Water
Expand your diving knowledge while increasing your SCUBA experiences with the PADI Advanced Open Water
course. Many dive operators are now requiring the Advanced Certification to participate in dives to wrecks and
reefs over 80 feet in depth. Don't get left on the boat! The course includes a deep diving experience dive and
running several compass courses on our navigation dive along with a search and recovery dive ( sooner or later
every diver is ask to recovery something a friend has lost ), a night dive, and an elective dive chosen from a long
list of dives including boat, photography, underwater naturalist, etc...
Rescue Diver
The PADI Rescue Diver course teaches diver the fundamentals of diving search and
rescue.  The student will progress from self rescue techniques to learning the skills
necessary to aid a fellow diver in distress. Prerequisites for the this course are a current
certification in basic first aid and CPR. This is the entry level dive management course in
the PADI system. Spend a fun weekend diving and learning skills that will help you identify
problems before they happen.
Contact us about starting your pro career in SCUBA diving. The PADI Divemaster course is the beginning of your
path into SCUBA diving's professional side. Learn the art of handling of divers and the logistics required to make
group SCUBA dives possible. See if you have the mental and physical qualifications necessary to earn this
coveted certification.
Specialty Courses
Among the Courses offered:

Earn any 5 Specialty certifications to become a PADI Master SCUBA Diver!
Nitrox / Enriched Air Diver
Digital Photography
Wreck Diver
Night Diver
Search And Recovery
Underwater Naturalist
Boat Diver
Peak Preformance Bouyancy
Deep Diver
MultiLevel / Computer Diving
Equipment Specialist